Cloud Computing

As companies commence their efforts to adopt cloud, they are confronted with several providers who have specialized in infrastructure, platform, and applications. Bringing them together to suit business needs appears to be a daunting task. Lack of a single point of accountability, unclear SLAs, multiple pricing models and contracts pose challenges for enterprises, thereby making cloud adoption initiatives time consuming and challenging and sometime not able to deliver the right business value.

Intellect offers services ranging from specific IT strategy, planning, development and implementation capabilities to broader organizational transformation support.

In addition to converting legacy applications to make them cloud ready, we are also helping clients conduct readiness assessments and diagnostic evaluations.

So whether you are looking for expertise on diverse platforms, design, development or technologies, our experts are always there to uncover the drivers, key considerations, and other important factors to aid in applications migration to cloud computing.

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Featured Solution: Offshore Development
  • Offshore programming is often considered by organizations trying to reduce development costs, decrease time to market or enhance specific skill sets.

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