Human Resource BPO

For your business to thrive, you must invest wisely in your most valuable assets, your workforce.

Choosing to outsource your recruitment process will save your company money and improve your overall candidate hiring process. If done right, recruitment process outsourcing can have a lasting impact on your organization.

Companies who use RPO have realized they can reduce hiring costs, improve recruiting processes and deliver a competitive edge. Effective RPO solutions scale to your business needs, provide access to expertise in filling hard-to-fill positions. With recruitment process outsourcing, recruiting is no longer a fixed cost, but a flexible operating expense that enables you to scale up or down as your business needs dictate.

Our dedicated client staffing teams perform all the recruitment functions, including requisition management, candidate sourcing and intake, applicant tracking system, screening and assessing, scheduling, offer management, employment branding, background and substance coordination, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) compliance, and management reporting.

Services Offered

Enterprise-wide RPO - Management of the entire recruiting function of a client's HR organization.

Project-based RPO - Recruitment process designed to meet short-term hiring goals.

Selective RPO - Recruitment process for a specific business unit, skill set or geographic location

We have helped our clients significantly improve their hiring processes, improve quality of hire and reduce turnover, enabling them to achieve better business outcomes such as:

Reduce cycle time to fill by 20-40 percent

Reduce average recruiting costs by 10-20 percent

Reduce business unit effort on hiring process by 35-65 percent

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