Why to Join Us

Four great reasons to consider a career with Intellect

Leadership: You'll be on a fast track toward more meaningful roles and have the opportunity to mentor and lead teams.

Flexibility: You can explore options for personal and professional success. Intellect believes in work-life balance and, in many cases, can help you create flexible work arrangements.

Empowerment: You can influence the solutions that solve our client's problems. At Intellect, you won't be a cog in some wheel. You'll be a valued member of a collaborative team.

Innovation: You'll get to design and create applications using cutting-edge technologies. From smartcard technologies and plug-n-play SOA to mobile platforms and rich Internet applications.

You'll also have the opportunity to expand your skills in new and emerging technologies that enhance our client's businesses. you'll be able to forge client partnerships to tackle complex problems and create meaningful results.

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