Offshore Development

Using an offshore programming team allows internal programmers to prioritize projects and make sure the right attention is available for strategic initiatives while assigning routine development and maintenance tasks to the offshore team-all of which can be accomplished at a reasonable cost.

Offshore development benefits

Short development lifecycle - Using an outsourcing partner can allow companies to increase the development teams at short notice and increase speed of development to meet tight timelines.

Cost - Offshore programming teams usually offer a significant cost advantage compared to local project team.

New technology products - Developing applications in newer technologies can be challenging, especially if internal resources are not trained in these platforms.

How to choose the right development partner ?

The ideal partner must have experience, not only in the technology and domain areas, but also in delivering mission critical projects for other companies. Consistent and clear lines of communication and the ability to provide the right monitoring can prove to be a difference between success and failure.

Intellect provides application development and product engineering services to various companies worldwide. Our flexible onsite, hybrid and offshore development team allows companies choose engagement models that best suit their needs.

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