Quality Policy

Intellect has been working consistently to achieve delivery excellence. We have established and implemented a well-documented scaleable quality management system for effective recruitment, operations and client delivery.

The QMS addresses the process needs of all technology practices including custom software development and maintenance, legacy modernization and maintenance and enterprise integration. It also covers the support processes for pre-sales, work environment and business needs by incorporating new life cycle methodologies, measurements, estimation models and global benchmarks.

Client Delivery

Intellect's primary goal is to deliver maximum value for our customers worldwide. To that effect, Intellect takes quality very seriously. We are committed to maintaining technology edge and business leadership and ensure that our customers are satisfied with superior and reliable products and services.


Intellect has a stringent quality policy when it comes to recruiting IT consultants. Most of our IT consultants hold advanced degrees in engineering, computer science and have years of experience in their area of expertise. The incumbents have to successfully go through various levels of vetting process including phone interviews, assessment tests, face-to-face interviews and background checks.


In this fast paced and dynamic work force environment, Intellect recognizes the importance of retaining the top-notch talent as a way of improving the overall quality in our work force.Intellect has established a set of winning strategies to retain our quality personnel. Over the years, these strategies have proven extremely successful translating directly into commitment and dedication to our clients, thus bringing in predictability and stability in the projects. This has gone a long way in steadily building solid and effective relationships with our clients and employees.

Some of the retention strategies include generous benefits, open door policy, and education & training credits, client recognition awards, and acknowledgement of individual contributions at appropriate forums, appreciation and encouragement of proactive actions.

Quality management training is a mandatory thing for all major role holders at Intellect.

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