Quality Assurance

You gain a partner who will help you mitigate risk by creating an environment that prevents defects from happening in the first place. We know the answer to fixing systemic problems in production is not "more testing". The answer lies in a smarter application of quality techniques.

Intellect addresses quality assurance (QA) and testing at the enterprise level, continually identifying opportunities to optimize your investment.

Quality assurance and testing services

QA and Testing Capability Assessment and Roadmap.

Test Automation Strategy and Implementation.

Total System Quality Assurance

Test Outsourcing Services

Clients typically achieve a 30-50% overall cost reduction for multi-year engagements.You also benefit from a dedicated team for the length of the engagement,which provides you with daily, face-to-face problem-solving and collaboration to streamline communication between business and IT project owners.

Quality testing offerings yield

Lifecycle process improvement.

Overall productivity gains.

Faster time-to-market

Lower total cost of ownership

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